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Features:Custom, made-to-order strip curtains.Operating temperature range:-5–60°C.Usage:Industrial units and cold stores.Overlap will vary depending on application.


Custom, made-to-order strip curtains.

Operating temperature range:



  • Industrial units and cold stores.
  • Overlap will vary depending on application.

Strip Curtain - EV Range
HAG - The Door Specialists .
  -Tel:+44 (0)800 072 3444.
  -Product reference:
Roller Shutter PVC Curtain EV Curtain.
[ ______ ] - 1.5–4 mm.
[ ______ ] - 200–400 mm.
  -End section finish:
[Clear]. - Standard.
[Colour]. - Optional, insert colour.
  -Overhead fixing:
[Removable strips].
[Side sliding strips].
[Swing strips].
 Overhead rail material:
[Galvanized steel].
[Stainless steel].

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for Strip Curtain - EV Range

from HAG - The Door Specialists

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T: +44 (0)800 072 3444

F: +44 (0)117 965 7773

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