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BIS Door Systems Ltd




T: +44 (0)1268 767566

F: +44 (0)1268 560284

13 Hodgson Court,
Hodgson Way,
Wickford. SS11 8XR.

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About BIS Door Systems Ltd

BIS Door Systems Ltd is a manufacturer and servicing provider of Industrial doors. All new doors are constructed in accordance with all latest European legislations and each is made to measure. BIS Door Systems Ltd team of skilled engineers offer a service and maintenance facility for existing factory doors in order to keep them operating efficiently and in line with current health and safety regulations. BIS Door Systems Ltd are the UK distributor for the Compact Door, which is a space saving concept of the sectional door and they also stock parts for factory doors supplied by other leading door manufacturers’.

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Products (10)

The following BIS Door Systems Ltd products appear within NBS Plus:

Calisto EX37 - Continental aluminium roller shutters.  
Compact Industrial Door - Insulated vertically stacking industrial door.  
Europa Insulated Roller Garage Door - Powered domestic garage door roller shutter.  
Fire Rated Steel Door Set - Fire resistant steel doorset.  
Flexible Crash Doors - Manual flexible crash doors in PVC and rubber.  
Flush Steel Door - Steel doorset for general applications.  
Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors - Sectional overhead doors for industrial applications.  
PVC Strip Curtains - PVC screens for internal or external applications.  
Roller Shutter Doors - Commercial - Roller shutters for commercial applications.  
Roller Shutter Doors - Industrial - Roller shutters for industrial applications.  

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